Fannie Chen, Research Associate Our department is committed to advancing the understanding of the causes of and developing cures for skin diseases. Case Western Reserve University (Case) and the Department of Dermatology are both consistently in the top 10 nationwide for NIH research funding, which creates an exceptionally strong milieu for investigation. Case and University Hospitals of Cleveland support important interdisciplinary programs critical for dermatology research programs such as Genetics, Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease, Structural Biology, Cancer, a transgenic mouse facility, and advanced shared instrumentation.

Biomedical Research Building, Case School of MedicineResearch space for the Department of Dermatology is centrally located on the fifth floor of the School of Medicine's Biomedical Research Building and comprises 9,000 square feet of fully equipped contiguous lab and office space. The open laboratory concept maximizes interdisciplinary opportunities for faculty and trainees to interact and collaborate with other investigative groups. The faculty have cooperated to create fully functional core work stations for photobiology exposure and advanced radiometry, HPLC analysis, microscopic video image capture and analysis, tissue culture, etc. Each alcove, office and equipment area has a direct fiber optic connection to the Internet via CWRUnet and a dermatology computer server for access to shared printers, slide makers, and data devices.