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UHC Dermatopathology

We feature:


  • Prompt turnaround
  • Personalized and responsive service
  • High-quality slide preparation
  • Special expertise in cancer and inflammation
  • Multidisciplinary review for melanoma, lymphoma,
  • merkel cell cancer, DFSP, etc.
  • Benefit to education - slides are utilized in resident
  • teaching during sign out
  • Acceptance of all major insurances

Our Dermatopathology Laboratory is focused on providing exceptional care for your patients through our dermatopathology services. Our laboratory is run by board- certified dermatopathologists who are also boarded in dermatology. Our commitment to patient care excellence is supported by advanced diagnostic technology and unparalleled clinical/patient support. Our mission is to provide accurate, clear and prompt diagnoses. We strive to develop partnerships with our referring clinicians, and we are fully committed to assisting in providing the best health care for every patient.


Kord Honda, MD, Director Dermatopathology Laboratory Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Dermatopathology






Immunofluorescence Laboratory

For patients with a differential diagnosis that includes autoimmune blistering diseases (including pemphigus and pemphigoid), vasculitis, autoimmune connective tissue disorders (i.e. lupus), and congenital blistering disorders (i.e. where immunomapping of level split is needed), we offer:

  • Direct immunofluorescence of skin or mucosal biopsies
  • to detect auto antibodies and immune complexes
  • Indirect immunofluorescence of blood (serum) to detect pathogenic auto antibodies
  • Immunomapping of skin biopsy to determine the level of split in patients with inherited of congenital blistering disease

Direct Immunofluorescence (Skin)

An individual punch biopsy is preferable, rather than a biopsy that has been cut in half.
For autoimmune blistering diseases:

  • A perilesional biopsy (within 1-3 cm of the lesion) or a non-lesional buttock biopsy is preferred; however the site should be above the upper thigh, as false negatives occur on the legs.

For lupus and vasculitis:

  • A biopsy of the active area of a lesion is needed.

All biopsies must be placed in IF transport media at room temperature. Please make sure caps are tightly closed.

Neil Korman, MD, PhD, Director of Bullous Pemphigus Program. Board Certified in Dermatology and Dermatologic Immunology/Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology




Indirect Immunofluorescence (Serum)
Please send patient to the nearest phlebotomy lab to have two serum separator (often tiger topped) tubes of blood drawn. If possible, please request that the lab centrifuge the tubes so that the serum will be isolated. If centrifugation is not possible, the tubes should be refrigerated until immediately before transport.




Mahmoud Ghannoum, PhD, Director Medical Mycology Neil Korman, MD, PhD Kord Honda, MD







The Mycology Reference Laboratory receives specimens in convenient mailers for rapid fluorescence-aided microscopic diagnosis of fresh material, as well as for culture identifications. The lab also serves as an international reference center for the identification of fungal pathogens, and determines the in vitro susceptibility of fungi against anti fungal agents.


Call 216-844-8580
or Toll Free at



Routine Biopsies

Process shave, punch or excisional skin and mucosal biopsies.



  • Please remember to completely fill out a UH requisition
  • Make sure formalin bottles are tightly capped and labeled with patient name




We provide dermatopathology consultations at your request. If you send slides or request that slides be sent to us, a UH requisition must be filled out and completed.
Please remember to include the following:



  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Date
  • Site of original biopsy
  • Patient demographic info
  • Patient insurance info




Please send a separate requisition for each study, even if a DIF (skin) and an IF (blood) are performed on the same patient. The following must be included:



  • Clinical information
  • Biopsy site
  • Biopsy type (i.e. lesional, perilesional, etc)
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Patient demographic and detailed insurance information
  • Open and print requisition and call us for pickup


Courier Service

For your convenience, we provide:

  • Routine courier service
  • On-call courier service
  • Express mail pre-addressed packets
  • Federal Express pre-addressed packets

Call the Dermatology lab at 216-844-1507 to schedule routine courier pick-up.


  • Please be sure to enclose a copy of the patient's insurance
  • We accept all major insurances

State of Ohio


  • Compliant with the State of Ohio Cancer Reporting Regulations
  • Certified by College of American Pathologist (CAP) and Clinical Laboratory improvements Amendments (CLIA)

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