Contact Dermatitis & Patch Test Clinic

Our clinic is equipped to test for allergic contact dermatitis with a unique, updated standard series of allergens as well as numerous specialty allergens which are selected based on individual patient needs. Photo-patch testing and photo-testing with a solar stimulator are also available.

Patients are referred to the Contact Dermatitis Program and Patch Clinic by their dermatologist or primary care physician. If patch testing is needed, this is usually initiated at the first visit and completed seven to ten days later. After counseling regarding testing results, the patient is returned to the referring physician along with a written summary of conclusions and recommendations. Site visits to the patient's place of employment are arranged, if necessary, to make recommendations to employers in occupational cases
Together with University Hospitals Department of Dermatology Skin Studies Center and Skin Diseases Research Center, the Contact Dermatitis program also provides a resource for industry and government fir addressing skin responses to environmental agents. Towards this end, we cosponsor a biannual national meeting to foster cooperation between research scientists in government, industry, and medicine in the area of contact dermatitis. This allows our patients to benefit from cutting edge knowledge.